Local, State and Federal Government Lobbying

Dean & Associates helps clients achieve their goals by providing strategic planning, political advancement, policy experience and relationship management. We help you partner with other transformative leaders to create real change.

Business Consulting

Having a great idea is only half of the entrepreneurship battle. It takes planning, strategy, problem solving and overall business skill development to turn an idea into reality, and we guide clients along every step of the way to meet their business goals.

PAC Creation & Administration

It can be difficult to tap into the multi-layered political sphere. Many want to play a significant role without running for office, and that is where our expertise can help. With years of experience shepherding the political process, we can lead you and your business or entity in creating and managing a Political Action Committee to help ensure that your entity is represented and considered by elected officials.

Bill Drafting

Legislative bill drafting is a relatively complex practice that requires well-developed and policy-centered writing, analytical skills, a vast understanding of how statutes are structured, and knowledge of legal restrictions. We do the heavy lifting for our clients, preparing bills and resolutions as well as amendments to both, and will advise on how to construct and communicate bills effectively.

Bill Tracking

The frequency of bill creation and revision makes it difficult to keep up with new regulations. The process of searching and reading new bills often takes time that our clients do not have to spare. Dean & Associates lifts that load for clients and advises on all current local, state and federal legislature, ensuring that you are abreast of legislation that can impact your entity.

Bill Monitoring

When keeping your business or entity afloat, monitoring bills for compliance can be an afterthought. Dean & Associates monitors proposed and approved legislation for our clients, reviewing and advising on regulations that impact you.

Grassroots Advocacy

We understand the power of community and its influence, and are ready to help get your voice heard by political leaders. We direct our clients in creating methods of action, as well as facilitating communication to local, state and federal officials.

Association Formation

Many associations fail to materialize due to lack of guidance. As advisors for your entity, we foolproof your association efforts, eliminating bureaucratic roadblocks that often stand in the way of implementation, and ensure a successful start.

Legislative Research Projects

Dean & Associates provides research services that include legal research, budget research, fiscal impact statements for proposed bills, revenue projections and much more.