Dean & Associates provides clients with comprehensive solutions to challenging issues, as well as the expansion and leveraging of existing public- and private-sector relationships. Dean & Associates helps navigate through the complexities of various government agencies and institutions. Our guidance includes business development, public policy and issue advocacy, political action committee management and counsel. We desire to solve problems for businesses and government agencies and push them to “Get to the Next Level.”

Capacity Building

Helping small- to medium-sized companies grow their presence in the local, national and international communities. Connecting businesses to other companies that enhance that brand and leverage the newly formed partnership.

Strategic Engagement

Intentional focus on areas that build the core competencies of the client while effectively communicating with potential customers

Government Relations

Public policy and issue advocacy, lobbying and project management

The public and private sectors are evolving in ways that require problem-solving approaches to incorporate traditional values with the flexibility of managing the ever-changing paradigms of modern day systems. At Dean & Associates, we do just that.

Dean & Associates, a Government Relations business and professional services consulting firm.